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Thread: Funny thing that happened to me in Surfleet LEM

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    Default Funny thing that happened to me in Surfleet LEM

    Hahaha... i almost forgot to tell some really funny shizzle that happened to me.,...
    On leaving from Surfleet, Francesco and i checked out and left to Dover....
    We arrived in Dover way to early (like 3 hours hahahaha), so we asked Border control if we could take a boot sooner.... yup that was ok...we had to arrange with ticket office which was further "down the line".

    We first came to an customs officer that wanted to check us out...
    What we had in the car... Lasers we said....
    I thought if that dude wants to check our gear out, he will immediately discover the flamethrower, so i thought "attack is the best defense!" so i to lasers we also have a flamethrower....The guy's eyes opened wide... WHAT a flamethrower ? haqhhaha
    No not a real one, one for on stage for shows... ah...he said...
    And were out of gas i added so it's harmless.... OK he thought for a second...and said,,,ok it's ok...

    I want to check you guys in the x-ray.... so we took everything from our pockets... eh,,,everything ?
    Yeah.... everything,.....including..... the hotelkey of room no. 4.... SHIT !!!
    On the boat i wanted to call them and when i was looking up their number francesco's phone rang,.,, with the same number.,... It was the ship Inn... if we found a key... room no. 4 key...
    Talking about coincidence....

    Stupid...stupid,....well send it to them this week...
    And when booking just 30 min's ago they were not mad with me and i was still welcome...

    Hahah thought i shared this with you, the look on that customs officer was priceless....
    FLamethrower ? WTF ??? hahahaha
    And so was the look on my face probably when i found the SHIP INN hotelroom key...
    I didn't fail !
    I just found out 10,000 ways that didn't work.

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    - There is no such word as "can't" -
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