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Thread: Life, Liberty and the Death of Rational Thinking.

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    Default Life, Liberty and the Death of Rational Thinking.

    I thought it might be prudent to provide a thread for socialpolitical discussion

    Everyone, please .. take the soapbox and let us know your cure for all the worlds problems

    popular or not!

    please, no name calling allowed, unless its intelegently and originaly worded
    Those who stand for nothing, Will fall for anything.

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    Good Idea, Im all for a bit fo the soapbox stuff.

    I can't belive why we dont invest massivly in renewables now.

    I dont want to live in a country in 10 year that is depandant of foreign oil for its survival. We can put a man on the moon (seperate decussion), but we only need one scare in the middle east to bring havoc to our energy supplys. Imagine it in 5 years time ?

    Why are we not doing this now ? I have a windmill and solar power that provides two third of my power needs.

    We need to be in a strong position when politics take over oil production, and China is swallowing more and more. But the UK and America are at the bottom of the league in this respect, WHY.

    By the way my spelling is poor as I am dyslexic and I cant spell check my posts. :lol:


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