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Thread: FS or trade. 20 MHZ & a 60 MHz oscilloscope

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    Cool FS or trade. 20 MHZ & a 60 MHz oscilloscope

    I am selling or trading a good O-scope.

    Scope # 1, a Kikiusi model COS5020 20 Mhz oscilloscope.
    This is a no nonsense ,basic oscilloscope. I used it at my test bench for a couple years before I got a 60 MHz scope as an upgrade. It was last calibrated by SIMCO in December of 06 and has been in storage since 07.

    Scope # 2 (TRADED!) ,

    I would like one of the 7-10 Mw 632.8 Melles-Griot self contained rectangular units (yah know the cool looking ones from the 80s/90s?)

    Thanks and have an awesome holiday weekend!

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    Maybe it's just me... but I can't seem download the Manual for the 2220...

    Could you PM me what you are looking for in terms of $$$$ for the
    60Mhz DSO...

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