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Thread: Laser Cops.

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    Default Laser Cops.

    Will the gov soon crack down on 'dangerous' lasers coming into the U.S.?

    I suspect so.

    All this while volunteer american patriots are required to step in for absent Border Patrol agents! (more the fault of politicians than the agents themselves)

    Perhaps I should create an LLC called "Denver Scientific" and have future lasers sent there.

    Does anyone have first-hand or annecdotal stories of laser confiscations, or how to legitimately avoid FDA related difficulties?

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    Being that I live in the UK here, I've never had any problems with lasers or the police in relation to lasers, but here your laser can be taken off you if they see you using it in an irresponsible fashion, or if it's over 1mw and you're under 18.

    As far as America is concerned, considering you have a legal right to possess a firearm, or considering that you can drive a car in some states at 15-16 years old, I hardly think it would be anything other than hypocritical to limit laser access. After all, you can do much more damage with a car than you can do with a laser.

    And as we've already discussed, you cannot crash a plane with a typical leadlight or even a fairly powerful modification.


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    heard from another forum that his delivery of his pgl lll was detained from customs because of some technicality, no fda sticker. he had to answer some questions before they would give it to him. i have a laser on order from a canadian distributor that i believe is being held by canadian customs. this was reported to me from the tawainese manufacturer, they emailed me an apology for the delay and told me they have sent another batch using the usps and using another distributor out in the west coast.

    they gave me a tracking number, i tracked it earlier this week, leaving tawain. but, for some weird reason, yesterday and today, i can no longer track it. like it never existed. strange :roll:!

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    update: my parcel id being held up by the fda administration in louisville ky, 4.2.05. not a good sign!

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    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    i think UPS submitted it to them for inspection. it's <5mw, so i think it's ok! but still, fda got involved. wonder if my name is now flagged!

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