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Thread: Ishow software + Laser machine Questions

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    Default Ishow software + Laser machine Questions

    Hi guys sorry for my newbie questions
    Just wanna know if its possible to save my project into my laser machine, so that i can unplug the software, and play my things, on my laser ? Without be plug to the PC ?

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    you guys ever played with ishow software ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevieboy View Post
    you guys ever played with ishow software ?
    use the search function
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    i am using Ishow but i hate it. it has very limited features and comes with ZERO support. even the users manual was useless. I am looking into getting something else i just dont know what yet.

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    If you want to still use the controller it is supported in Spaghetti laser show software. Here is a review of the IShow functionality in Spaghetti.

    Ps. I also runed a test with a ISHOW controller and it works much much better then the crappy ishow software! Good work

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    Default Hi....Go in for quickshow Pangolins cheap but very efficient software.

    Pangolins QS is really good and you can run all you ILDA files from here.

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    Default comentar y saludar

    so that the addition of this rlimitadisiomo IShow is very bad at graphics, although you have a decent scanner 40k or 50k to say something, I keep coming no very definite figures, I would put a circle and a circle out wrong, if you draw a circle have to be perfect and well defined, I changed to pangolins poreso QS, this is another world, nor is expensive, for the subject to memorize the show or whatever it is ams complex, you need to store it in a rom own internal scanner or irda Trajet, and is a little hassle, plus if you memorize once, can not be erased, if not removable, a tad difficult if not well understoo

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