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Thread: 445 Thank you thread for Dyak from Laserfreak

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    Thumbs up 445 Thank you thread for Dyak from Laserfreak

    A paradigm shift has occurred In the laser display industry In the last 24 hours and we have Dyak From Laserfreak to thank for it. He took a chance and dropped the $800 to find out if we could all benefit from this device from Casio.
    He also did not just figure it out and ebay the crap out of them like mister ebay guy did.
    So on behalf of this laser nerd, Thanks Dyak!

    And thanks to Andythemechanic for Letting us here know.

    And Last but not least thanks CASIO for having the balls to do something like this and inadvertently Giving us a ton of a great color for cheap!

    And spec for this board too.


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    Hear hear, I'll drink to that.

    Well I would if I drank, so I'll raise my cup of tea

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    I agree; a paradigm shift has occurred. The world of laser projectors has changed forever. Blue is now the cheapest color, when just a few days ago it was the most expensive one.

    Also, the holy grail is now within our reach. Remember that beyond a few watts, your only choice for high power blue was an Argon, complete with 3 phase power and water cooling hassles. But this is no longer the case.

    It is now reasonable to propose construction of an eight to ten watt, multi-diode, all-solid state, 445 nm blue laser (with direct diode modulation) that can compete with the likes of a mid-to-large frame argon laser fitted with a PCAOM. Note that the solid state solution would cost just a few thousand dollars, which is considerably less expensive than a mid-frame argon and a pcaom.

    Granted, a large portion of the cost of the solid state rig will be in the collimation optics, both for each diode and for the final beam, but nevertheless, such a device could compete favorably with just about any ion laser solution.

    Perhaps you won't be able to match the beam specs of an Argon (even with very good collimation optics), but if you need 10 watts of blue, you don't really care if the beam is a little large.


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    For sure. I don't know the guy, but we all owe him BIG TIME!! THANKS DYAK!!!!!

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    DYAK For President!

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    My momentum is too precisely determined :S


    Let's celebrate him and how could we do it better with a lot of coherent light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jike008 View Post
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    ..Cap'n Spec? I'd like to order a..

    ..hold the mayo, but extra onion, Thanks!

    PS - Yes, THANK YOU, DYAK!
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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