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    Smile Great Group

    Just wanted to mention though I'm sure you all know, this is a great group of people, you all have been terrific in the past couple months as I've learned lasers. Much information and tidbit's have been shared with the newbie, via posts, PM's, and chat. I am very thankful for all of your help.

    In the last 2 months.
    Purchased cheap projector (but better than I expected)

    Purchased Pangolin LD2000

    Purchased some modules from Mike @ FirstLight (great stuff), he was excellent in moving songs i wanted to LD2000 format that were on his ADAT show tapes. I've since learned the process for myself with other stuff.

    Purchased 3 ADAT's one black face, two others still need the cada-mod boards, but these came with a controller, patch bays, and a slew of cable snakes to that odd difff plug that i needed (each of these units has under 11 hours). Super cheap also. Does anyone know if the head in the newer unit can be setup and used in the black face? just in case.

    Built my own diode driver nothing fancy basic LM350 and Tip31, with analog mod circuit.

    Extracted diodes from sled and laser pointer, built small project projector from it.

    Started to try to build shows, i'm awful at this and still looking to purchase more shows.

    Purchased a USA variance case.

    Saving $$ for some higher power lasers to build large RGB box.

    I have setup the bytemare vintage commodore C64 DAC and show cartridges proved they work out to the XY scope, ton of beams and annimations for it also, received a lot more disks than expected. Still need to figure out logistics to get the whole hardware to me (looking forward to the vintage piece from DreamBeamz) this is why I haven't updated the restore thread.

    Also will be experimenting with another Commodore64 based DAC that uses the user port not the cartridge port as the laserdreams, bytemare does. Thanks for the info on this from a fellow member.

    Really enjoy being a part of the forum, hopefully as my knowledge progresses i'll be able to give back and contribute more. Oh yeah this Hobby keeps right up with my others at making sure my wallet is empty

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    that's the same for many of us, and I think even the gurus like Pat, Steve and others will agree this community takes a major role in relieving frustrations of life...

    this is a wonderful community, truly

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    Thumbs up PL rocks!

    Group hug!

    Seriously though, this is a *great* community. Checking in on PL is one of the bright spots of my day. I'm always impressed by the dedication that people have towards making things better. I also like the way we help new people. The world could use more of that sort of behavior.


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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    The world could use more of that sort of behavior.
    Changing the world, one photon at a time...

    Keep it up, you guys rock

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    Agreed! It's rare to find a group of people with this much knowledge and expertise but are not arrogant about it. People here are cool and professional. This forum is an oasis on the net.

    The coherent light must be mesmerizing us all.


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