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Thread: linebreak doesnt work here when posting?

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    Default linebreak doesnt work here when posting?

    I dont know why, but all newlines, like in between here (line 1) and here (line 2) get deleted when posting. I simply type in the "reply" or now "new thread" box. I dont use any options or anything, no formatting. I do linebreaks by hitting the "enter"key. (line 3) couldnt find any thread on this, it must be I fear? (line 4) (line 5) Manuel (line 6) oh, linebreaks are gone in the preview already.

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    when I quoted a message, I saw there are "manual" linebreaks entered in bbcode (or the like).
    entering that code in my message, I get a linebreak too.
    okay, I just found out I cant use any code here, like the "insert link" or "quote" buttons in the message-editor. the linebreak-code is (without quotes).

    something is messed up here in my PL-profile or browser. will post if I find a less annoying solution, in case anyone else has these symptoms..


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