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Thread: FS: Pangolin LD2000 Professional, MAX Plug-in, QM2000.NET

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    Default FS: Pangolin LD2000 Professional, MAX Plug-in, QM2000.NET

    I've made a down payment on a house and need to come up with funds for the closing. I am including the following:

    Lasershow Designer 2000 Professional
    Lasershow Converter MAX Professional
    QM2000.Net portable laser controller

    I sold my RGB already and was going to hang onto all of my software and controller, but it may be a few months/years before I can get another projector. If you're interested in a good deal, send me an offer through PM. I will ship nearly anywhere as long as the deal looks/sounds safe. I can provide references, if needed. I'm sure Bill will validate that I purchased this software and hardware from Pangolin a few months ago.

    The serial number on this system is in the 9XXX's.

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    Default Sold pending funds

    This is currently sold pending funds.

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