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Thread: DT40w distance from aperture and aperture size

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    Default DT40w distance from aperture and aperture size

    I've come to the original plan of where to mount the dt40w's may be a bit too far back due to the scan angle will require an overly large aperture. I'm using a mm1 style mount at the moment with a bounce mirror to target the galvo's, however it can't be quite as far forward as I'd like it due to the size of the set screws and proximity to the front panel of the case.

    I'm just wondering if there is a better mount for this purpose (get closer to the edge, but still adjustable without taking off the front panel ?), or perhaps a 45 degree wedge that can be glued onto the mount to get the mirror closer to the front panel ?


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    You are quite right the wides need to be mounted as close as possible to the front otherwise you will hit the base plate with the scanned image.
    its a bit of faffing around but mount the mm1 so the plain face of it is parallel to your beam before its turned. Then mount a 45 degree block or arm with the mirror on, to the face and you can place this real close to your front panel while still being able to get to the adjustments.
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    ive seen the wides in action at the uk meet, flush with the apeture will work
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    Assuming a well centered y-mirror;

    The distance from the y-mirror to the aperture must be less then half the width of the aperture.
    The width of the aperture must be at least two times the distance from the y-mirror to the aperture.

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    i putted the galvomount 5mm from the window, and i cant open more than 80% with my wides, but it's really enought

    Lorenzo from Italy

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