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Thread: Total noob to removing diodes. ;)

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    Default Total noob to removing diodes. ;)

    Hiya guys.

    Im really excited about all of this at the moment cause as iv wanted a blue projector for a while. I'm thinking of buying one of these casio AJ 130 projectors and removing all the diodes.

    I have a 1 watt green that really needs 2 flank projectors and I'm now thinking that 2 gorgeous blue 445nm lasers would be perfect. Im thinking of getting 4 of these diodes from the casio projector and creating a 2 watt blue with them.

    Now I normally buy my diodes and just build the projector as I have never known
    how to remove diodes and mess around with collimaters but with this amazing price I'm really interested.

    The axis mounts look ok for me as a will be combining 4 of these to make 2 watts (as I understand it the diodes are 1 watt diodes anyway so I will have plenty spare to play with)

    I'm just totally unsure of what I'm going to need for this whole build as I want to make it as simple as possible and I'm totally unsure of how I
    do it.

    Can anyone help me with a list of all the materials and maybe a tutorial or something of how to get a working diode with an axis mount from
    one of these diodes.

    Thanks alot

    Edit: am I wrong in thinking that I could buy a
    laserman532 quad kit, 4 diodes from a group buy, get them
    pressed into axis mounts and I'm good for 2 watts or is it alot more tricky than that?
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    YANA ...almost exact questions running through my head too !

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    If you need a quad kit i have one left. Including brass dichromounts and square to ad a 40mm peltier underneath the baseplate. This is a quad setup that is designed for the better collimators from mccarrot with better beamspecs.

    Here,s the link:

    shoot me a pm when interested

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