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    Default biosurplus-inc on ebay

    I recently bought a lexel 88 power supply as a crap shoot on ebay. I figured for the price a few of the increasing hard to get transistors in working condition would be a bargain.

    I ended up getting it for $49.99 + shipping from California to North Carolina. The auction mentioned it might require crating so I figured I would get had on shipping.

    Also the fact it said "We cannot plug this in and have no way to test it, it is sold "AS IS". It did come out of a working lab. See "Sam's Laser Faq" for more info on this item." All of this screamed I know about lasers, I know this power supply does not work etc. Still, I would hold no ill will as long as all of the components were not removed from the inside.

    I ended up getting charged $100 for UPS ground shipping which was 20 less than I was expecting. Also, unrelated to the seller the package arrived 3 days ahead of schedule from UPS. Crazy for a ground package to arrive early. I have never seen it in all of the shipping I have done.

    When it arrived, I found that the total weight of the package was 123lbs well over the 105 I estimated with packaging so shipping would have cost even more than I expected to pay and it was custom "boxed" with 2x4's and plywood. Tons of foam peanuts. Adequate packaging to say the least. When I opened it, I saw a sticker that said "serviced by Holo-Spectra" So I felt positive it was going to be bad. The power plug was cut etc etc. I let it sit aside for a month since I was busy. Well, I have been so busy lately with no time to do anything. So Saturday night I decided to give it a try and to my surprise. It worked perfectly. 20amp and my laser which I havent been able to lase consistently above 5amps now pushes well over 1.8watt when measuring the green and the blue lines separately.

    One of those pictures was of the beam outside at night no fog at 3am from a distance of around 50 yards

    So in short, a great buy from a more than honest seller. If he ever has another laser power supply that someone needs it might be worth a shot
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    Ah, one of the reasons I love ebay. I just wish they'd stop hacking the sellers to death with fees and rules.

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