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Thread: Wanted To Buy: Optics for Holography Setup

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    Default Wanted To Buy: Optics for Holography Setup

    I'm building my first holography setup using "Homemade Holograms" by John Iovine and wanted to ask everyone here if anyone has any of the following available before I speculate exactly what I need at Anchor Optics, who are not too helpful. I am looking for:

    -DCX or PCX in 9 and 12mm FL
    -DCV in -8mm FL
    -Beamsplitters in 9:1, 1:1, and 3:7 (or a cheap variable beamsplitter)
    -3 spherical mirrors
    -Cheap spatial filter (homemade is ok too)
    -BB plates
    -jd-4 developer

    Because I am a beginner I am open to suggestions for sizes and focal lengths because the book isn't very comprehensive in this area. However, I am using the "Homemade Holograms" book and I will be following all the instructions in there. Oh, I have a hughes 3227h-pc red laser.



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    Try integraf for the film and switch to a red diode laser. Bob Hess will chime in here shortly as well as our two UK holo guys.

    If Bob does not see this, PM him.

    Low cost optics come from

    The spatial filter is pretty critical, I would not skimp, and remember to use first surface optics.

    I have a variable density splitter I can spare, , but pricing is a bit steep.

    See what else you need and then PM about the variable splitter.

    You can try One Stop Laser shop for dielectric (better) coated beamsplitters.

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    I'd recommend a variable beamsplitter, the parts of which should be readily available (2 half wave retardation plates and a polarizing cube beamsplitter). Another source for chemicals is Photographer's Formulary. Laser Reflections and Fourth Dimension are also sources of plates (Agfa and Slavich respectively), and the BB plates are made by Color Holographics in the UK now I think.

    For a cheap spatial filter, watch Ebay for a small XYZ translator. With that you can rig together whatever other structure you need to hold a microscope objective (look for a very clean 20x and a 40x) in place rigidly. Buy a new bare low power 25micron pinhole (Lenox Lasers?, Thorlab,) and mount it on a washer to the translator some way. you can make your own if you have a pulsed ruby laser! You see where I'm going. I'll send you a pic of the translators I have. I have a Newport spatial filter with one jammed or stripped axis I'll sell cheap, maybe for a hologram downstream.

    Spherical mirrors can be small and cheap from Surplus Shed or nice and big parabolics from Astromart ATM classified section. See you on the holographyforum.

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    Hi Brandon

    Great!, another holographer, welcome aboard

    For a beamsplitter i'd recommend contacting Dave Battin at the Holography Forum:

    Dave makes a really nice variable beamsplitter using a PBS cube and a halfwave plate. Get another halfwave plate from him and you're good to go.

    For front surface mirrors, try a seller on Ebay: Otas32 (I would have posted a direct link but there seems to be a problem posting direct Ebay links). I've had some of these mirrors and they seem pretty decent. Of course, you can cut them to whatever size you want.

    If you don't want to get into developing with chemicals, Litiholo have started to do some nice photopolymer material that looks really promising, it's still pretty expensive though.

    Holography is a brilliant hobby, welcome to the journey



    P.S. Bob, i've sent you a PM
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