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    not trying to stir up the pot, just curious how they are claiming TEMoo I thought that meant a perfect round dot (?)

    EDIT:tried to edit but cant change topic left the TEMoo out on accident
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    Technically, TEM 00 simply means that there is only one distinct beam. It doesn't actually stipulate the shape of that beam.

    True, the classic example is a cylindrically-symmetrical beam with a Gaussian profile, but obviously there are other lasers out there with different profiles. They can still be classified as TEM 00, however.

    Edit: I wonder about these particular 445 diodes, however. Are they in fact single emitter diodes, or are they multimode?

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    The diode in the pointer he linked to comes from the Casio projector. It's multimode. Definitely not TEM00 in the strictest sense.. I'm sure there isn't even any sort of correction other than just a normal lens.

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    Depending on how the clean it up, its probably "TOP HAT" that looks like Tem00 classic Gaussian with a flat top instead of the Gaussian "steep sided bell shaped" curve.

    Only way to know for sure is expand it with a lens, do a knife edge measurement, or put it on something like my Spiricon CCD based beam analyzer.

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