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Thread: WOW.... Really? Wicked Lasers.... OUCH....

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    Laser Warning WOW.... Really? Wicked Lasers.... OUCH....

    I am blown away with what I just recieved from Wicked Lasers... I saw that they had built one of the 445nm diodes into a pointer and had for sale for $197.97 and 10% off for anyone that has half a brain and can google "wicked lasers discount code". I couldn't resist with a promise of 1Watt and a beam profile of 1.5mm with a 1.5mRad divergence for under $180... With that beam profile and price, I just couldn't resist, so I got one on the way... now this is where the the ouch start.... This is the letter they sent me today, a general letter they send all their customers..... I'll let you all comment on it.....

    Hi Rick!
    So you are planning on getting a Wicked Lasers. Maybe you've just ordered it and you're waiting patiently for it to arrive in the mail. In any case, congratulations are in order; here's to your new laser pointer!
    But wait...
    Now you have an incredibly high powered laser pointer at your disposal, what should you burn first?
    Wicked Lasers Survival Course - Tip #1

    Before you begin, unscrew the battery cap and stick a couple brand new or fully charged batteries into the laser. Don't know which way they go? Check out the Wicked Lasers Master Guide. Point the laser away from you, slide on your slick LaserShades, and press the button. Oh yeah, let's burn some stuff!
    Popping Balloons. Take a deep breath and blow! Fill the balloon until it is decently sized. If the balloon is light colored, use a black sharpie or any black marker and add a black spot. Now aim at the black spot and fire. POP! Try with more balloons, line them up and see how many you can blow up.
    Cutting Electrical Tape. Dig around the house and find some black electrical tape. If it's not black, use the same sharpie trick and color it black. Tape one end on the edge of a table, give it some slack, and let the entire roll hang. Melt through the tape until the entire roll falls on the floor.
    Lighting Matches. Bust out the sharpie one more time and color the tip of the match black. Now, with the match in one hand, and your laser in another, aim the laser beam at the crown of the match. Amazing huh? Be careful not to put the laser too close to the match though.
    Have you ever burned anything with a magnifying glass when you were a little kid? Well, the same theory applies to lasers. The magnifying glass can focus the laser beam giving you even more burning power! Try it!
    Now, explore around the house and see what else you can torch. If you spent all day burning and melting and it's already dark outside. Check out the laser beam in the night sky. Can you see the end of it? Crazy huh? I bet the laser was everything you imagined it to be.
    If you haven't gotten a Wicked Lasers yet, we want to help you save! We also have a bunch of fun accessories such as protective eye goggles, optical lenses, laser stands, and the list goes on. Check those out on and begin saving by taking 5% off your first order. I know how important it is to stay within budget so take advantage of this cool money saver. You'll love the one-of-a-kind laser products we have on our site.
    Simply enter in "tip1" during the checkout process to receive your discount.

    Happy Burning,

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    any mention anywhere of not sticking 1 watts of laser light in yer eye ?
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    Yes, a buyer had to check boxes indicating he or she had understood certain safety points before checkout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slicklasers View Post
    Have you ever burned anything with a magnifying glass when you were a little kid? Well, the same theory applies to lasers. The magnifying glass can focus the laser beam giving you even more burning power! Try it!
    oh wow thats scary

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    what about Wicked's famous and medically defying "Open Cut Healing Power." is this one of *those* miraculous pointers also??


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    This is a marketing video, has to be, teens don't act like this 100%.

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    I think your link is bu**ered Steve.

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    I've managed to extract it. Try this link:

    Some nice special effects in the video but hardly encourages responsible use advocating shining it to pop people's tyres in the street!

    Also, what kind of safety glasses are those? They look like standard clear glasses to me. No sign of a ND coating.

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    extra characters

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    Default Banned Laser Products - Wicked Lasers

    Not even sure how Wicked Laser's products got into the USA.
    A while ago I saw a list on the CDRH site showing them as banned. Now it looks like they are to be "detained for physical examination"

    (3005178098) Wicked Lasers
    Date Published : 09/16/2009

    Anshun Rd , Rm 108, No.7, Lane 89 , Shanghai, (CN) CHINA
    95 L - - 22 Laser Product for Non-Medical Use
    Date Published: 09/16/2009

    Notes:High Powered Green Laser Pointer Devices

    Districts may detain without physical examination (DWPE) all shipments of laser pointers, laser gunsights, laser levels, laser pointer key chains, laser light show projectors, and similar products from the manufacturers/shippers identified in the attachment to this alert.

    Districts may continue to detain shipments of laser pointers, laser gunsights, laser levels, laser pointer key chains, laser light show projectors, and similar products which upon examination do not appear to comply with the appropriate standard as follows:

    (1) they do not have a permanently attached warning logotype label;
    (2) they exceed 5 milliwatts;
    (3) there is no certification or identification information either on the product or in the instructions for use;

    (4) there are no instructions for safe use;
    (5) the product class or output information on the warning logotype label is different from that in the instructions for use; or
    (6) a product report has not been submitted.

    This alert does not cover detention of shipments of laser pointers, laser levels, laser gunsights, laser light show projectors, laser pointer key chains, and similar products where:

    (1) there is not an emission indicator;
    (2) there is not a separate beam attenuator; or
    (3) the certification and identification information is in the instructions for use rather than on the product itself.

    Products that are detained may subsequently be refused admission unless the importer corrects deficiencies, files a report, or is able to show that the product is properly certified and meets the Performance Standards (21 CFR 1010.2, 1010.3, 1040.10 and 1040.11). It may be necessary to field test some products to ensure the importer has made the appropriate corrections. CDRH should be contacted for additional guidance and for information regarding submission of required reports (Jerry Dennis, 301-594-4654).

    Product Description:
    Laser Pointers, Laser Gunsights, Laser Pens, Laser Light Show Projectors, Laser Special Effects, Laser Levels, Toy Guns with Lasers, Laser Pointer Key Chains, and similar products.

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