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Thread: Activation error and acronym error

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    Hello admin.

    I have some Stuff i need to bring out.

    1. The laser is an acronym thing for new registrants and for very important password recovery is not working. I have myself experianced this first time I signed up where I tried every word in thE acronym and it didn't work untill next day when I tried avian. Also when u want to recover ure lost password it's the same thing. I've just tried this and for this account I'm using now it worked directly but for my other account it didn't and has never worked.

    I think you should look over that feature and perhaps change it to the normal image captcha verification.

    2. Activation error.
    On my other account "rfourt" Wich I have had for about 3 yeArs now I today wanted to change my contact email. So I went and changed it with no problem. Although I now had to activate my 3 year old account again with an confirmation email, hm ok. I can understand why no problem, although the email never arrives! I can understand That also as the server can sometimed be slow or the spam filters somewhere grabs it, its ok. You also stated that in a msg that was shown, and if I was not to get any activation email I could contact you. Ok no problem.

    But wait I can't contact you Now, becouse my account is now not activated and set back to some guest permission or something. So the system dosnt like that I have over 50msg in my inbox. So I'm not allowed to send pm.

    I understand safety is a good thing but there are ways Round this. PerhPs this is Llready activated but it should then be written somewhere. Make this part of the forum open for members/accounts who are not activated. Then things like this and many other scenarios like this wouldent happen.

    Sorry if I sound way negative. I'm not I love PL it's my second home, I just want to highlight some big error/bugs that I know not only me have had problems with. And why am I not bringing this to you on pm. Well there are some ppl here that probably could come with ideas and input on how to solve this, becouse the wAy it is now isn't very good. And I think you are poising some new members becouse of this.

    Constructive critisim
    and as I said I am prittu sure vbulletin has these options if I remember correctly I
    mostly working with phpbb and fireforum php

    (iPhone account)

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    Actually the activation email arrived. but it took some time.

    But from the msg you wrote i guess it sometimes ends up missing for some ppl so..


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