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Thread: Selling: >300mW 532 DPSS laser.

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    Default Selling: >300mW 532 DPSS laser.


    Just like the other lasers ive been selling on ebay.

    Since this one is special I would love to see it go to someone on the forums here, so shoot me an offer.

    Feel free to ask any questions.



    Edit: After stabilization on a optical table it measuered.... get this... 316mW. Its my personal best.

    This suckers getting a special heatsink.

    Pictures on request. /edit

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    i did buy one (like this one?) from spec !
    And i can promise you that the laser heas is perfect !
    That small size, and a damn strong bright beam

    my laser head was 210mW , and the beam just never stop

    And btw, spec did shipp the laser the same day as the payment was done..
    Shipped to Norway in 5 days Ągreat job from specĄ

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    Hi Spec

    A picture would help me, and some indercation of how much the offer should be (I dont want to offend).


    Use APTZ to control your laser

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    Let me get some more units in for resale before I can think of a price. If you can sit on it for a little while Im sure I can adjust pricing accordingly to make it worth the wait.

    Heres an image, broad daylight. With flash No, thats wasnt a joke. It looks, and I qoute my friend here, "A lot brighter than my 1 watt 68B argon"

    Sorry I have been away from the board recently, had computer problems that "came out of nowehere". Im back now

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    ill take 2 300mw units, a set of galvos and a large fry..

    no.. no.. i dont want supersize..

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