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Thread: The first laser suicide .... good bye PL

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    Default The first laser suicide .... good bye PL

    So I try and stay positive.

    I post my enthuasim for all to see on PL and wait for answers, sometimes they come. I enjoy conversing with people about a common interest even if it is a bit geeky/mad (which I like).

    But even the geekiest, laser enthuasists can get a kick in the guts equal to any football play missing a season winning kick.

    A real bad one like find out your first girl friend went all the way with the next boyfriend and all you got was.....

    I got my new laser power meter from marconi today, it arrived late (not marconis fault).

    As an incentive for a good months work I decided to reward a loyal employee.

    How to do so while not costing me too much money ? I know I will get him a LL110 and mod it as he has always shown an interest in my green lasers. This I did and I was reallly impressed by the results (I posted them here) and although it didnt seem to be as powerful as my hot 105 AtlasNova I thought he would be well chuffed.

    Richard got his laser pointer yesterday, and the power meter arrived today. I had left my pointer at home so I asked Richard to borrow "his", I lined it up and clunk, it pegged the meter - 75 mw. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    The meter must have been handled baddly in transit, yes thats it, my laser is more powerful than Richard, its just that the meters been dropped. After all my hot 105 is brighter, I think. Mind you last time it was the other way round and I put it down to batteries. No worries Ill check when I get home.

    Hot 105 reads 50mw.
    Stock 105 reads 4 mw.

    If I fell into a barrel of tits I would come out sucking my thumb. I modified a Leadlight 110 to 75mw, and I was;

    1) Too imcompetant to realise.
    2) So stupid I gave it away.....
    2a) To someone who wont give it back (I dont blame him).

    And 3, I know full well the same mod will never produce the these results again.

    Gutted, good bye PL, good bye world.

    Use APTZ to control your laser

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    My word....

    You need to get that one back, explain to him that something of similar power will be provided to him and what he recieved was a prototype...

    Seriously... 75's no laughing matter for a leadlight...

    And on to your posted notice:

    I am aware the number of posts here has been thin. I personally have been tied up with playing catch up at the office because I was out and i have a conciderable amount of money out and about. I have been speaking to marconi online just about every night trying to get things "squared". On second thought, it would have been a lot better to do documentation here, so I will attempt to recreate a log for it.

    Heres the other thing that interests me. The Logs and stats here for the server.

    Heres April:

    Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending May 01 2005 at 7:34 AM.

    Successful requests: 156,121 (35,311)
    Average successful requests per day: 5,211 (5,044)
    Successful requests for pages: 15,516 (3,655)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 517 (522)
    Failed requests: 5,960 (468)
    Redirected requests: 9 (0)
    Distinct files requested: 6,990 (1,323)
    Distinct hosts served: 1,997 (71)


    Thats a fucking record. Since "creation" in February we have never capped 100k a month, and in April we overshot by 50%. Tons of traffic, lot of people reading. Its a good sign, and couple that with the fact that we have had extremely minimal "idiot" posts and I think we are doing quite well here for a "3 month old site" Thank you for being here and sticking through the infancy stage. It can only get better.

    Check out what I've been up to, I feel its worth the time involved:

    Recently purchased a 2x4foot optical breadboard, and have been performing minor adjustments on "Freak". For those that dont know about Freak...

    Check out the last two pictures. Its quite amazing what a bunch of hobbyists can accomplish.

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    Hey Gold,

    Dont feel too bad, I know ...same thing similar happened to me..

    Before I had a commercial power meter I had built one up .
    It had a switch on the back for 532 and 650nm..
    One day I had built one of our green modules and was in a bit of a hurry
    one morning to get it sent out before work... I could have really done it the nite before but I had visitors over .
    Anyway... It was supposed to be a 40mw module..and it was , I thought..but it sure looked especially brite for a 40, but . being in a hurry I boxed it up and sent it..
    Later that nite after I got home I started in on another one..It was no-where near as brite and it would only put out maybe 15mw..Hm, scatching head a few times..I walked off and did some chores and later came back and while
    walking behind the meter noticed it was in the 650 position...ah (throws switch)
    thats 32mw...then i thought to myself oh crap..that was an over 80mw unit I just sent out...and it was one of the best I had ever the time...
    We got an especially good feedback on that unit needless to say..
    Should be , He got it half price too... :roll:

    Take Specs advice, and / or tell him you'll mod it to even higher power.
    I doubt he would be able to see the difference... :lol:

    Dont go away..please stay around ...
    "My signature has been taken, so Insert another here"
    *^_^* aka PhiloUHF

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    Heres a good one:

    State that the unit he received is ACTUALLY one of the units you left the IR filter off of, hence the high reading. Dont forget to lay on the "dangerous" talk quite thick.

    It needs to have an IR filter placed, and you are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I serously doubt he would know the difference, and you get your impressive module back.

    Just an idea.

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    Gabriel Guest


    I'd go with spec on that one.. Or if you like him, you could just let him keep it. But the IR idea is definitely the best.

    Let's hope you're not really gonna commit suicide!

    We've all done it.


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    Hey Gold,
    Dont let that laser pointer bother you so much...
    You will find another to take its place...and you will have more fun with it.
    Spec had a few suggestions that may work as it is a possibility
    that it may have a problem with stray IR (808) leaking past the filter..
    it is possible. that meter with see it...
    thats why I keep a piece of filter handy just in case I get unusually high readings..those filters mostly attenuate 1064..

    I , Myself have givin away a few really nice lasers before I had a chance to do some measurements :cry: ..either because
    I was too busy or was just generous at the time...
    Sometimes I regret it but then sometimes feel glad that they got "THE GOOD ONE"...
    But another always comes along and I feel great again..
    Maxy and I have stashed a few "really good ones" so that they dont get in the mix...
    As time has gone on we get another that takes its place as our favorite..
    Save your money ..
    Buy some of those 2w SDL diodes with the pump optics buy one of those SDL-800 controllers or make own.
    And with some luck with a few crystal sets lying around ,For example
    Grab one of those 80mw Chinese lasers ,they have the same crystal sets as the PGL III ,
    They are all made by the same factory and they are getting cheaper.
    then you too can achieve over 250mw of green ..easy.

    Please stick around , We really enjoy your posts and we need good
    members like you here to keep things moving..
    You are a knowledgable person and I am sure you will have many great things to contribute to all.
    You are considered a friend by Maxy and I , She had said " I wish we were neighbors , we would have so much fun"..
    even Spec had said many times in our nitely communications
    that he thought well of you and was surprised of the stuff you had come up with.
    "My signature has been taken, so Insert another here"
    *^_^* aka PhiloUHF

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    Gutted, good bye PL, good bye world.

    Eh...Gold? That's justabit EXTREME, there....

    Stick around, trust me, it's hella worth it after all.

    Friend of mine up and broke to worthless a 50mW pointer...I could have s**t bricks (we know my passion for "glowies")

    Just gotta blow it off.. wasn't but likeabout month later that there nifty handheld in my avatar was finished

    It only gets better
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    nevermind ops:

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    Turtle: don't have to "nevermind" : what were you going to say? 'Sall gd.
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    Operation "Green with envy" starts this weekend....

    I am following some of specs advice here.

    Thanks for everyones advice..., I did'nt think you would take me litterally !

    I will post some details this weekend.

    Use APTZ to control your laser

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