I'm after opinions on this wish list/requirements list for a laboratory laser diode host I will either design/build myself, or would buy if it were available...

5.6mm 3 pin TO-46 diode socket (with reconfigurable pin functions, probably via jumpers)

Support for LDs that have photodiode opto feedback (usually using the spare package pin)

TEC cooled (0.1 K accuracy)

interchangeable collimation optics (probably just using the quasi standard thread that these commonly available collimation lenses seem to use these days, e.g. aixiz 405 glass)

focus ring

fiber launcher support

some minimal XY diode alignment (to help with beam alignment for use with fiber launchers)

single supply operation (for both tec and LD driver circuits)

analog (and maybe serial digital) input for LD output flux control (LD current, LD voltage, LD
opto power out if photodiode feedback is avail, LD input VxI)

analog (and maybe serial digital) output for monitoring LD parameters (temp, TEC power, LD I, LD V, LD opto feedback, etc)

TTL enable input

Safety interlock support (wired directly into LD supply output circuitry)

I have looked at the existing design ideas posted here, and they capture some, but not all of these ideas.

Very interested in opinions on this list and its merits or otherwise. Also, feel free to add to it, but at this stage I am not considering multi diode designs, so that is off the list.