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    Sorry if this has been discussed already. How does the brightness of the beam compare to other color lasers of similar power? Is it similar to a 650nm?
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    I have been enjoying 445 in my projector for about a year. I guesstimate is it about a third bright as 473 but it soaks up green so it takes more green to balance it out. My Kvant has 500mW of 445, 300mW of 532 and 640 and the white is nice and crisp; you'd think it wold look greenish by the numbers but it doesn't.

    I just got one of the 445 thingys going in a DIY rig and 400mW (550mA @ 6volts on a die4drive) washes 300mW of 660 and 75mW of 532 out very badly. I have to turn the blue way down in software.
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    I'm loving the deep blue. I don't have a power meter, but am running 1 amp drive of 445 (estimating about 800mw ?, perhaps less), 500mw of 532 and 400mw of 640. In comparing to 270mw of 473, I find the the 445 at the above power level definitely way brighter, and yields some beautiful deep intense colours. Also modulation speed seems to make a tremendous difference for quick flashes of blue containing colours.

    I'm actually a bit surprised how little the balance was thrown off by the extra blue, I experimented with lowering the blue power, but found the white just kept getting 'whiter' as I increased the power level.

    Also I'm surprised at how well the 640 keeps up. To balance against the green at 500mw, I notice orange on the screen comes out a bit yellow for instance, but all of the green blue mixes seem to be right on.

    At the above power levels I'd estimate the green and blue to be quite similarly visible and the red only slightly less, but not particularly noticeable unless you're looking for it.

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    Thank you. Ah, I meant to post this in the 445 forum. My bad.
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