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Thread: 300EVIL's Diode Interface Modules - With LASORB!

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    I will take 6 , ALL blue , 2 with lasorb and 4 without. .5 ohm all


    Quote Originally Posted by 300EVIL View Post
    Hey everyone,
    I designed these 1/2" X 1/2" micro circuit boards that plug into the back of laser diodes due to Pat, AKA, Laserman532's suggestion for a market need.

    Due to the fact LASORB's need to be connected as close as possible to a laser diode and people need to worry about pin configurations, sensitive soldering temperatures and series resistors for dual and quad setups, I came up with this simple but tiny circuit for solving the problem.

    Here is the schematic....

    This circuit will allow the user to simply plug in the selected diode into the base of this module, connect the two wires to the users favorite driver and start lasing with ease! I configured the module to be jumper selectable between a 250mW LOC 660nm diode or a 445nm blue diode plus many more!

    There is even an option to add a 1/4W - 1W series resistor to the anode side of the diode if you are running multiple diodes off of one driver. If no series resistor is needed, a jumper is put in place.

    The Molex two pin header is placed on the board to make connections a breeze. This will also include 2 feet of flying lead wire.

    Here is a crappy artists rendition of what the side profile of the module will look like. (Update from even crappier drawing)

    With this module, you can easily mount the laser into an aixiz module and just plug the interface board into the diode.

    What does this module include....

    • 1 - .5" X .5" PCB
    • 1 - 3 prong laser diode socket
    • 1 - 2 pin Molex male connector
    • 1 - 2 pin Molex female connector with 2' leads
    • 1 - 0.5 ohm 1W Metal Oxide series resistor (for optional installation)
    • 1 - Red or Blue LASORB (For an additional charge)

    What will these cost??????

    I need an order for at least 30 to have these produced. If I can get that order together, it will take about 12 days until they are shipped to you.

    The price will be $10 each for NO LASORB and series resistor of your choice (or just a jumper)

    If you want your board WITH LASORB installed. The price is $16 each. (Select red or blue)

    Shipping in the US. $2 (Unlimited Quantity)

    Shipping international. $4 (Unlimited Quantity)

    If you are interested, please post to this thread the quantity you willing to purchase and what resistance you would like for your series resistor (if needed) and which LASORB you require (if needed).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wondertwnz View Post
    I will take 6 , ALL blue , 2 with lasorb and 4 without. .5 ohm all

    Larry, you may need to express your interest in ordering through this thread as the price has gone up a little to help out Admin.

    Almost made that mistake myself but am more than happy to pay that little bit extra for a great product and the added bonus of helping Admin.

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