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Thread: Weird camera problem

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    Default Weird camera problem

    I bought a Canon Powershot A640 second hand. It works fine. One day I decided to do a timelapse of the clouds. A few hours later, I come back, and the camera had shut down. OK, batteries are flat. I look at the last couple of images it took, and they were completely pinked out.

    I left the camera to sit for a while thinking it may have overheated, and also charged the batts. Sure enough, it came back to life.

    Another night, I was taking pictures of my room. I took a picture of my desk, with the desk lamp going. Once again, the camera faded to the pink washout. Came back to it a bit later, and it worked OK again.

    Now tonight, I went to take a few pictures of the fire. Sure enough, it started fading to pink again! BAH!

    I brought it inside and installed CHDK to check the temps. CCD was only at about 38C, sitting in my room, while it was still pinked out. I thought it may have been too hot, so I put it in my freezer for a couple of minutes, removed it, and the temps were at about 25C. But still, pink image!

    Considering this happens when involving light, that seems to be the source of the problems, but I really have no idea what's going on and causing this. The camera is still completely functional, except, all the images are pink. Here is a picture I took of my P7 torch at full power, with the problem on the cam:

    Canon's online support form seems to be broken, so I may give them a call tomorrow, but anyone here got any idea's?


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    I had two Canon A310 cameras do exactly the same thing. After a certain time, the sensor just fades to something weird. It would come back at random, then go again until it just stopped coming back.

    Because of that, I'll NEVER buy a Canon product again. This is the kind of garbage they make?!? These products are not worth the time it would take to deal with their non-existant support. Nor the frustration of having to spend the time to buy another one. I'd have not gone through that with two, but my brother had another one and I wanted to get more life out of the memory card, charger and battery I had. Then the second one did the exact same thing!!!

    Buy something from Sony instead. Canon sucks.

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