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Thread: 532nm Pointer Hybrid - Has this been done before ?

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    Default 532nm Pointer Hybrid - Has this been done before ?

    Laser nerds gather round.

    I have read lots and lots, and experimented and spent lots of money on laser pointers (as well as the "proper" ones). I like pointers.

    I have modded lots of 105s (including AtlasNova and generic) and a few 110s as well as other "lesser" pointers. I recently had 3 of the latest 105s (with the very slightly rounded end) and modded them all. In the end I had one that hardly responded at all (although it did do 25 mw with just a pot mod), of the others one modded to 65mw the other to 50mw. Peak output lasts for about 5 seconds then reduces rapidly to about 20mw (in both cases) I put this down to the tiny mca.

    The AtlasNovas I have are soooo stable (big mca), and will hold 50mw for 30 seconds no problem.

    The modded 110s are an enigma, I can now get the 110s to draw 520ma from a bench psu at 3.0v, and the ones I have modded have been very good, but still have a small mca (compared to the AtlasNova).


    Has anyone taken the highoutput 110 driver and LD and mated it to an AltasNova ? Should be easy, any one tried it ?

    The idea is that the best driver and LD mated to the best MCA might produce the best results?

    If anyone has any input on this please let me know as I intend to try this weekend, and it would be nice to know before hand.

    I have not seen this attempted or talked about anywhere else, yet to me it seems a real good idea.

    Let me know your thoughts


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    Sounds like a good idea Gold...

    Thats similar to when we do the green modules
    we pick the good diodes and the good MCA's
    to make up the 60+ green modules..

    If those 110's have the 350mw diodes in'll be successful

    I have found it isnt so much the size (at below 100mw)
    that makes the difference , but the way the MCA and optics
    is mounted.. (alignment).

    Also, most important is to be able to get the heat away from the crystals...
    In other words...keep the temperature constant...!!!

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