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Thread: argons,henes,galvos FST?

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    Default argons,henes,galvos FST?

    Hi all,I have a few red hene's and power supplies,8 to 14 mw and a few argon heads,tubes,and power supplies I'm looking to sell or trade.
    A Uniphase 2213-75 Argon system doing 60mw with fan and psu with an OEM extension umbilical cable,the digital remote interface,single line 488nm.
    Will send pics and specs if anyone might be interested.

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    i noticed mention of galvos in the title but not in the post, is that what you are looking for in trade, or do you have some up for grabs?


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    Hi DJ,my bad,was posting from cell at lunch!
    I have a few galvo's,argons,HeNe's,lab and brick HeNe supplies,DPSS pointer casings,an older remote controlled laser show,and a few other trinkets that someone might be clinging to life waiting for!
    Not sure if I should have PM'ed this reply to you,anybody feel free to chime in...
    I'll find the thread for listing inventory and put items along with pertinent info there.

    But what I might be lookin' for is 4_5nm diodes,correction amp,first borns,etc.

    OK,off to find that thread!

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