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    Default Rockin

    My computer works again! Yay!

    Now Im off to crash the server, wish me luck

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    Good luck, and share up some of your latest work...I'm sure the fellas would love to see those test avi's


    Oh bytheway.....

    I'm still "Omega"...
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    *grumble grumble* i wanna be omega :cry:

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    oh good, it works, now ill have something to break this weekend :twisted:

    j/k what was wrong with it though?

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    Processor bit the bullet.

    Was running a Barton core 3200+ AMD Chip, now im sporting a Athlon 64 4000+ Its a sandiego core also. 1 meg cache, .09u die...

    It even smells faster. Temp under load is 110 degrees, my old one ran about 140 for 2 years straight.

    Of course the upgrade involved getting a new motherboard. go figure. new ram is inbound.

    And no I have not forgot about the "special titles" I had an issue a while ago making them operate correctly. Weird Unix Group/Owner/Everyone policy issues. Never got around to fixing it, though I really should.

    Ill be around more now, even more when i get my computer to quit randomly crashing... its strange, all the errors im getting are random Driver IRQ < not equal and "generic" errors.

    I think it might be the ram acting up.

    Anywho, time to sleep.

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