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    Default Laser Warning System..

    The Pentigon unvailed the No Fly Zone Laser warning system. This is a 40 - 50 Watt Green/Red Laser thats about 1 mile from my home!.. This thing is wicked. If I can dig up more photos, or the washington post article, I will post it.

    I just think its funny that the Govt. is cracking down on lasers coz some guy shot them at airplanes. Then they build one that FOR shooting at airplanes. Go Figure.

    They say the beam can be seen over 50 miles away. I saw this thing shoot, and the beams are cool and big. To bad it only shoots one beam at a time. They should hook up at set of 6800hp's and do a cool light show!..

    They next time they test it a night, I'll try to take some video, or photos of it.

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    Hi jayDc..
    Welcome aboard

    Wow, I was wondering about those lasers whether they could be seen from the ground.

    And at that power level they certainly will get the pilots attention... :twisted:

    I wonder if one of those pilots could start a lawsuite because he strayed off slightly from flightplan and was severly blinded or at least his attention was
    distracted and caused some prolems with his eyesight and was not expecting such a lightshow!!!

    Probably not...seeing that they are proving that the little green or red lasers really pose NO threat to eyesight at that distance.

    At least "that" is the way I see it..

    We look forward to any pix or video you come up with...

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    i should set one of these puppys up outside in my backyard :P

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