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Thread: Japanese animated lasershows

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    Default Japanese animated lasershows

    Hi there ^^.

    I wonder how many people has *kinda* the same hobby as me. I like japanese animated cartoons, they called it Anime. And also I like electronic's, which includes lasers, audio, microcontroll programming and all other stuffs.
    So when I mix them together, you would get a animated japanese lasershow. (lol)
    For some showoff's I uploaded some to my youtube acount.

    My newest Fukkireta, its kind of a weird meme.

    Bad apple, a touhou promotion video

    Cirno's perfect math class,
    I traced every single graphics by hand, tracing software was failing, and also I didnt want attempt to use that.

    End of daylight. (also traced by hand, theres a fast motion at the end)

    Chocolate disco:

    The riddle and blablabla: ( nope this is not japanese related lol )

    ( an remixed openings song from the anime shakugan no shana ) (crappy cam was crap)

    that should be the things that I made.
    The hardware that I was using is:

    Phoenix Showcontroller 2
    DT40Pro (RGB ~ cni 473nm 51mW, was rated at 89mw, *the seller should shame*, CNI lowcost Green 100mW, 2x diy red 655nm +/- 400 mW's)
    K12n (RGY, 100mW green, 100mW red)
    K12n mini projector ( used in chocolate disco, RGP, used a blueray diode, specs are in that vid)

    I used mamba black for the chocolate disco and the two shana shows, but I cant make graphics shows with mamba since there were limited of functions, so I used Phoenix for that. and throw mamba away (actualy sold the dongle to a friend).

    I hope to see more people which are into it ^^.

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    i also love all that stuff
    i wonder who made me a anime addict

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    Thumbs up

    Hey Dnstje,
    Great job with your animations! They are done very well. Were you able to autotrace some of them, and if so, which software and source video did you use?
    Thanks, Mike

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    great job my friend! I love the imagination behind it. something different.

    did you actually design all of the characters? draw them yourself?


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    WOW! Very nice work!

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