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Thread: laser and light effects on a 300 meters wide by 100 meters tall Dam in Romania

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    Default laser and light effects on a 300 meters wide by 100 meters tall Dam in Romania

    Fusion Festival 2010 Sibiu Romania - Gura Riului 300 meters wide and 100 meters tall Dam in Romania where we placed some effects for the Fusion Fest concert, it was also DJ Tomcraft first appeared in Romania.

    and here's a photo
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    Now that is one big mofo projection screen


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    Wow!, that's nice Andy.

    Do you mind letting us know the output of those projectors?, i'm guessing 15,000 lumens at least. Those colours are very bright.

    I also like the effect of having lasers scan the outline, or at least I assume they were green lasers drawing the outlines.


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