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    Default AUDIOLASE By 300EVIL

    Good Morning All,

    Just a quick" review" (if you can call it that) really, its going to be brief as Ive had to sell my laser kit for now so didn't get a chance to finish the RGB project as intended.

    Anyway, if anyone is going to have a crack at the sound card DAC I would highly recommend the AUDIOLASE for its "ease of use" and flexibility and the ILDA connector, a lot more "plug and play" than lots of soldering for ILDA connectors etc.

    Its well designed with solder points to make use of pins on the connector right on the board and is generally far superior to the "Laserboy Correction Amp" option.

    I was up and running fairly quickly with my AUDIOLASE, only had to solder 4 wires to the S/C board and away I went.

    Most of the moans you hear about the sound card DAC are to do with the software.

    I worked mainly with HE-Laserscan, which although buggy wasn't actually that bad just stick with it.

    Once I got the S/C channels sorted so it was outputting correctly it worked really well, had no problems playing complex animations etc.

    Most people on here bad mouth anything that isn't made by Pangolin or anything that wasn't 500+, If like me you are just playing around for your own amusement at home, please just ignore these people!

    Granted if your going out to do shows or just have a lot of disposable income then go with and FB3 over this, but if you want something fun and cheap to play with and get you going this is perfect.

    AUDIOLASE and an S/C dac will serve you well to get you started at a *VERY* low cost.

    Also as a side note 300EVIL was VERY helpful and answered *a lot* of my questions both before and after purchase.

    As a 2nd note, I would just like to say I didn't get the AUDIOLASE free and I wasn't paid to "big it up" etc, I paid for it just like everyone else!

    Anyway, that's me done.



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    Thanks for the GREAT review Aidan.

    AUDIOLASE boards are available again!!

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