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Thread: riya multi bus dac how good is it

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    Default riya multi bus dac how good is it

    the riya multi bus dac how good is it
    any comments welcome as i am looking for a new dac and software

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    Before buying a DAC figure out which software you want to use and what devices you want to control. Also consider whether or not you want to run multiple projectors.

    The Riya works just like it should. I haven't had any issues with mine.

    I have the following DACs:
    RIYA, Lumax, EasyLase, Moncha, SoundCard, iShow.

    The first 4 all work equally well. The Moncha doesn't have DMX and TTL like the first three and doesn't work with as many applications. The SoundCard has great output when you configure it but it is more pain than it is worth. IShow is pretty bad. I don't recommend buying an Ishow but if you accidently bought one they can be used within limitations.

    I just got a my Lumax a couple days ago. It's pretty sweet. About the size of a wallet. USB powered. It has a lot of built processing options - more than any of the other DACs mentioned above.

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    The RIYA Multibus is a good DAC, especially considering it gets you ethernet connectivity for a fraction of the price of other systems. It also has an open API, so 3rd party developers continue to develop for it. For software to go with it, check out Spaghetti for its ease of use, and LaserDesignStudio for its complete professional capabilities.

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    I was really suprised how good its designed to fit in a projector. When finishing my development of the modules i will sure buy one. Its on the top of my list. And for all the fearures that the multibus has i think its a bargain.

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    I have the micro Riya. No complaints, good signal levels. Much easier to use then the soundcard. I'm running it under XP.

    Have used it with Dr Lava's software, and LFI player. While it mainly gets used as a test pattern and tuning device, I'm very happy with it.

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