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Thread: My new knivedge mount

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    Default My new knivedge mount

    Hello guys.

    I have designed a new mount esspeccially designed for knive edging They work almost exactly like the brass mounts. But they are quite different. The head can be linear adjusted by two screws. Once its set you can adjust the vertical adjustment above the feet. The head and feet can be locked by both screws turning them clockwise. Pictures explain everything. The big advantage in my opinion that you can go closer to the diode because the feet is otherway arround from the brass ones. Dont mind the screws because i ordered the right ones.

    Height 24mm
    Thickness feet 3mm
    Lenght of the feet 20mm
    Width 11 mm
    Surface size (one size) to glue the mirror 6x4mm

    Dont mind the screws i didn,t have the right ones at the moment.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Selling these for 25 euro excl vat.

    I only have 21 of these to sell.

    Forget the m2 screws i ordered the right adjusting screws for these mounts.
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    I have designed this mount for people that are building a quad and want the stability that the brass mounts have. Onec their locked they are rock solid. Its very important when stacking beams they stay in aligned.

    If anyone has a question dont hesitate to ask

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