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Thread: Color managment?

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    Default Color managment?

    Hi all,

    Lets say I have a nice projector made some where in the middle eastern part of Europe. Maintenance support is good but I have a little issue that I can't find a way around beside sending the unit back to birth place but cost is prohibitive.
    Simple case: My system is RGB, a pair of reds with pbs, a 445 and a brand new green DPSS and driver made by the issuing projector brand sent to me from factory to replace a previous faulty more easterly foreigner green.
    I have now what should be my perfect personal home projector but a little something is bugging me. The new green is nice but since I installed it I now have a serious blanking end tail which I only can get rid of by decreasing the green power by half. I use an FB3 and a Mamba but they don't have per color blanking shift. I have access to the projector gain and bias color board but beside eyeballing I have no idea on how to dial each color and linearity right. Do you guys have experience or some tip on how to get my white color balance and fading right? I don't have an oscilloscope but can find one and I have a nice DVM.


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    no software that I know of has the facility to adjust the colour shift of each colour individually. In the past people round here have used the DZ colour correction board but DZ has now stopped selling these. I have taken over as the keeper of the colour boards and am currently laying out a 4 channel version as a daughter board for my Ilda interface (see here - In the mean time I have a very limited supply of the original DZ boards and I have got some missing parts on order that should be with me in the next few days so I could sort one out for you if you want. PM me or eamil me off the contact us link on my site.
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    I second this: DZ's color board is exactly what you need. OK, what you really need is a better green laser, but absent that, the color board is the next best thing.

    I had the same problem with my projector, because I went cheap when buying the lasers. As such, the modulation performance sucked. But DZ's color correction board really made a difference. Here's a write-up I did after I installed it last year.

    Note that since that post, DZ came up with a much easier method for adjusting the board that works much better. (He's got a custom ILDA frame that he uses.) If you decide to install one of these, be sure to ask DZ for that frame. It makes it a lot easier!


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