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    Hi there.

    I wondered if you could help me out. I do have a PM22 controller fra Chameleon Technology which has a memory error and asks for restarting over and over again. Iíve exchanged the battery and this is now ok (3,2 volts)

    It has been sitting on the shelf for 6-7 years. I have heard, that some kind of code/holding down certain buttons during power op, can reset the desk and that this might bring it back to life. However, Google has not been that friendly, at least so far

    Could you help me out here? Perhaps a link/phonenumber to someone who would know this?

    Thanks in advance

    Kindest regards

    Hans-Henning Terp-Hansen, Denmark
    Tel.:+45 60 60 21 98

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    Send an e-mail to George Mc Duff the designer and builder of these. I am sure he will help you.

    gjm (at) chamsys (dot) co (uk) uk

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    I believe you need to clear the scene memory using 2345 as the pass code and then reprogram the desk. This occurs if the internal battery goes flat or the unit has been siting for while.

    Its bee years since I have used one of these so my memory is a little rusty. Great controller though.


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