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Thread: Pangolin Livequick issues

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    Default Pangolin Livequick issues

    When you buy Quickshow, you also get Livequick. Now as I've mentioned that's just as well because as a general lighting guy I want to have one controller for lights and lasers, not two or more, and I can work nicely by uploading Livequick cues to my FB3 SD card and triggering them by DMX.

    Of course I'm frustrated beyond account that Quickshow has dumped that ability, and that it's impossible to export QS cues into LQ. But there is another oddity. QS has an abstract generator which is great because some patterns just aren't going to happen by merit of drawing lines and points. However LQ does not (?) but when you buy QS you also get LA Studio, which does contain an abstract generator. Nice! Except... LA Studio's "export" option simply writes to some other useless-looking format which AFAICT can't be loaded in either LQ or QS. WTF?

    Is there any way to get any of these apps to inter-operate? Or am I stuck with either tweaking the shipped LQ patterns or creating my own simple point-line cues?

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    See Bill's recent post on the forum about formats.

    Basically, QS has a new file format which (AFAIK) is based on the 'Beyond' engine (search history for references to Beyond) and as such will never be backwards compatible with the previous software products that used ILDA or a proprietary incarnation of it.

    You can't upload the QS cues because the standalone player in the FB3 wouldn't support them I don't believe. Again, the FB3 hardware and original cooncept pre-dates the introduction of QS, so it does stuff in the 'old fashioned' way. the reason why the QS cues look so nice is because it's QS doing the drawing. Take QS out of the equation and it doesn't work.

    As for the software bundle generally, the 'LA freak' bundle is effectively supplied 'as is' for you to use as you see fit, but I don't believe it was ever intended to be integrated into the main Pangolin product suite.

    I use LivePro and don't experience these problems as it has an abstract generator built in. I have raised with Bill about the ability to create and edit cues in LP so I don't have to go back to LQ for that part and he advised it is possible with a tweak, but it was a bit 'quirky' for completely new cues when I first looked at it.

    Wait and see what V2+ of QS brings, I believe its not too far off now - but I doubt you'll be able to have file portability between QS and the other stuff as it talks a different language.

    All that said, yes the file format compatibility issue can be frustrating....

    edit: Oh yes, and the upload facility is always going to be more restrictive than using a proper ILDA interface. By electing to use DMX as your control system, you will need to expect certain limitations.

    edit2: Actually, it seems as if you are really just wanting content aren't you? really, as edit1 says, LQ is a 'basic' application to support basic shows and upload of basic frames to the FB3. Before QS, if you wanted 'advanced' then LivePro is the application for you. However as DMX control doesn't fall under the 'advanced' banner, LivePro also doesn't support upload to FB3 (why would you when you have all that control available in LP). QS I think follows on from the LP thinking - in that they're gone to loads of trouble to build an app with great features for all sorts of stuff, why would you want to use it for uploading basic frames to the FB3. Especially as they already have an app (LQ) that does that fine.
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