I have a very limited qty of high quality pass 473 reflect 445 dichros. They are spec'd as follows
Coating: S1: HR 445 R>99% (random polarization) HT473nm T>90 %( random polarization), 45deg+/-1deg AOI
S2: AR R<1%@473nm 45deg+/-1deg AOI

These have been cut and as such 2 of them have a little chipping on one edge as can be seen from the photos this will not affect the clear apeture if positioned correctly. Dicros will be supplied best first. The pics show them with first contact on the surface and the ones held up to the light show air bubbles in the coating. As an be seen from the first image the chipping is on the plain side not the coated side.

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The Dichros ar 75 each inc UK ship + 4 for european ship. If outside Europe PM or email for shipping price.
Payment by google checkout or bank transfer prefered paypal also accepted if you twist my arm.