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Thread: My first Diode build

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    This is my first diode build I did a couple weeks ago but only had the chance now to photograph it to show you.I did it on the best budget I could and although this is ugly it wont be the final build as I'm still going to get the diode into the proper casing.

    For the diode module I used this
    The gentleman was kind enough to send an extra lens for me,I'm not sure if it was an accident or what but non the less the service and shipping was great.I also have an 18mm bore Aluminium hose-clamp on its way for permanent fixture to the TEC I have.

    I picked up a TEC on ebay for about 9 bucks,138Wx2 units for experimenting with.
    To drive the TEC I put on my thinking cap and came up with a cheap solution.I'm using a 8A 12V LED dimmer switch I picked up for 7 bucks on Ebay which allows for some good control of the TEC(I actually took a chance with this and it worked they way I had hoped)To mount it for the experiment I used copper pipe U-Clips for use in plumbing to go around the module onto the TEC

    The other thing I got was a Pentium 2 Slot1 CPU heatsink and fan to mount the TEC...also works ok but I also use an extra fan to cool the heatsink as it gets nice and warm with the TEC but none the less is works ok for the experiment.

    With this I also bought a cheap multimeter with Temp. capability(I've been meaning to get another multimeter for a while)I picked this up for less than 20bucks.This is mounted at the TOP of the casing for the diode to monitor the Casing Temp. and not the TEC.

    Lastly I got a 550W PC PSU for a few bucks and it has some good Ampere ratings at 5 and 12V (20-30A each) to power the setup.I'm also using DR.Lava's Flexmod for powering the diode.Together the setup also works well on my scanner and blue seems to be an awesome colour compared to green in my opinion.

    I'm currently running the diode at 1050mA(No pun intended ) and next to 150mw of 532nm the beams seem to be similar in terms of visibility but naturally the 445nm beam is way hotter than the 532nm@150mW.

    Anyway here is the pics I took of the build...please excuse the mess cuz I just basically slapped it all together very quickly.
    BTW. this is the Top info forum in my opinion...thanks to all the guys here that put so much reading material and effort into making this a great website.
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    nice work! There's nothing quite like seeing first light from a unit you made yourself..

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    Thank you...and yes I agree...the thrill is a sense of satisfaction!

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    be careful with those computer power supplies! if our flexmod heatsink touches the PSU case, it might end up with a fried diode (I experienced this myself!)

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    Thanks for the heads up...hopefully I can get it in a proper casing sooner than later....much appreciate the advice

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