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Thread: My DIY phase change system :D

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    Default My DIY phase change system :D

    Today I made up a evaporator for my phase change unit I found on the side of the road. The shop closed before I got a chance to take it back to get it filled, so I tried something else instead. I connected the evaporator to the suction line, and released the valve to flush the air (or most of it) from the evaporator. I then connected it to the inlet, and opened both valves. Fired it up and it works

    Of course, since it hasn't been regassed yet, it's running on low refrigerant, and thus freezing up a lot more than it should, but the compressor does not seem worried yet. The accumulator and line right up to the compressor is frozen up, but it's not showing signs of getting liquid. I know running it like this in the long run would be bad, and I intend to get it gassed properly, but it's OK for now

    I'm unsure as to why this unit was dumped, theres nothing wrong with it.

    Anyways, anyone need a couple (hundred) diode bars cooled? My brother has already found a use for it . I intend to use antifreeze or something and use it to chill fog when needed, and maybe to cool my bro's and mums room during summer.

    It's a 3.5kW unit.

    An hour later:

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