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Thread: DZ 10 Channel Splitter

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    Default DZ 10 Channel Splitter

    Hi all, I've just finished the 10 channel ILDA splitter for buffo. This will hopefully make a great addition to FLEM and SELEM meets.

    The splitter, individually buffers +X/+Y -X/-Y, R, G, B and shutter. There are 20 four channel op-amps to handle buffering of the 80 signals. The interlock is handled by the interlock board which has 10 individual relays. If Pangolin, or another controller that shorts pins 4 and 17 is attached, then the relays on the interlock board all close. If anything else is attached that doesn't support the interlock loop, there's a manual switch to close all the relays. Status of the relays is indicated by an LED on the front panel. The X/Y board offers limited control over size of X and Y when running differential, and total control over size of X and Y when running single ended. The back panel of the box has switches in place for channels 1-5 to invert the X axis.

    The RGB board offers control over the brightness via individual pots (RGB). The output is clamped to prevent a signal in excess of 5V.

    The front panel gives control to manually open a shutter, turn off a shutter or automate a shutter from the controller (pangolin). You can also individually turn on R, G, or B in any of the 10 projectors attached. The switch to the right changes the input to the X/Y board from the controller to an internal quadrature square wave generator, I used a modified version of Steve's Walking Ring counter.

    That's it, can't wait to see how it works with 10 projectors attached!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very Nice Work David!

    That's a very professional routing job. I can't wait to plug into that sucker.

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    That looks rather ace.

    Great work DZ.
    I'm sure Adam will be chuffed to bits with it!
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    Wow , ONLY 10 , you could have put a bit more effort in
    In the beginning there was none. Then came the light - #1 UKLEM - 2007
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    Looks sweet Dave

    You could go a step further and use DMX to automate the shutters giving a bit more power with LD2000

    Give me a yell and Ill shoot over a 16ch dmx ttl board - looks like a good cause
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    WOW!!! That is amazing.

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    Thumbs up Dz - you da man!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by danielbriggs View Post
    I'm sure Adam will be chuffed to bits with it!
    You have no idea, Dan...

    I'm positively thrilled that David has done this. Believe it or not, this project started out as something much smaller. But it kept growing and growing as we came up with new ideas to add to it. (And most of the ideas came from David, I should point out.)

    Eventually it became so large and so complicated that I feared we were over-reaching. I worried that it wouldn't be completed in time for SELEM. I was concerned that it would end up being too expensive. But David certainly came through on all counts!

    This little box will make future LEM's a lot more fun! For one thing, we can now run beam shows on multiple projectors even if someone is using a different controller. Previously, we've used Pangolin's ".net" feature to network several LD-2000 systems together for a synchronized show, but if someone had a show on a different controller (like Full Auto, Easylase, the FB3, or even a sound card DAC), then we could only run the show on one projector. Now we can run it on 10 projectors!

    What's even better is that this box has the ability to adjust the X and Y size, as well as the gain on the three primary color channels (red, green, and blue) for each of the 10 outputs. So we can match the projectors' outputs in size, and even adjust basic color balance between them. We can also invert the X axis on 5 of the 10 projectors. How cool is that?

    I can't wait to put this thing into service at SELEM! It's going to be awesome...


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    Thanks for all your hard work DZ!! I know the group will benefit.

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    Damm lj, where have you been? Haven't heard from you in ages dude.

    Any chance of you making it to SELEM this year?


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    That's some exceedingly clean work.. looks incredible!

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