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Thread: Solder paste stencil For Die4Drive Pro

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    Hi guys,
    I wanted to tell you about a great service that Robin (uk_laser) put me onto.

    I've just recently bought 10 bare Die4Drive Pro laser diode driver boards from Robin.

    Thanks Robin, they are nicely designed and great quality.

    I'm going to build them myself via the solder reflow method (my first time) via the method outlined on Robins website Http://

    This is all new to me so I'm pretty excited about the possibilities that it opens up.

    I won't explain the whole process as Robin outlines it on his site plus there are lots of articles on the net about it to.

    I thought it would be too expensive to get a solder paste stensil made for such a small run of boards but was I wrong.

    Robin put me onto this very helpful chap called Andy.

    If you want a solder paste stencil for the Die4Drive Pro just send Andy an email to and tell him its for the Die4Drive Pro. He will laser cut one for you out of clear polyester sheet for 12.50GBP!
    It arrived in Australia in just a few days.

    For any of you guys who are making small runs of boards for your own projects, this makes things very economically viable.

    Thanks for the great service guys.


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    Added the link to my bookmarks.
    Thatís a good price for a stencil, last project I did it all manually using a syringe

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