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Thread: Laserscope Modification Just Finished!(Latest prochopallen update)

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    Laser Warning Laserscope Modification Just Finished!(Latest prochopallen update)

    I just thought I'd let some of the members here know a bit more about prochopallen.

    I read the post a while back...only the first few pages of it before feeling sick from the way this dood is telling people here on the forums that he has private parties for his friends and he doesn't mind scanning them with higher power than the MPE ratings and out of pure arrogance.

    Besides this sad fact I have other things to say.I've been a producer for more than 13 years and involved with music including radio stations for more than 17years also.When I read that this guy is only 18 calling himself an international dj I pissed myself laughing.Firstly 90% of international dj's use LP's and 100% are over the age of 30 and most have even been dj'ing since the 80's.If they use CDJ's they more than likely started on Vinyl.At the moment I have over 4000 dj's on my Facebook and not one has heard of prochopallen.I have femal dj's there that will kick his ass in dj'ing and many radio station dj's including the best producers and record companies that have ever existed.I know them all but I dont know mr.allen.

    Anyway thats just one lie I have already caught him out with.
    The other thing is he also wanted to sell a laserscope with no certification to me.No nothing just a raw scope.This he tried a few months ago so I thought I might bring this up also.He's also trying to tell me an Argon laser can show complete blue only if you shine it off the right mirror after I argued they were Coherant mostly and show Cyan you shine it off the right mirror its blue....LOL!!!

    Whats even worse than all of this put together...and this is why I have actually posted this thread...not only is he a bull#%$ter...sorry before i go there he brags that his laserscope can do 60W at low rep LOL the punk most likely still has a crappy Q-switch but anyway the reason I'm writing this is to alert some of the members of his mis-use of there names when bullshi$%Ting....namely Pat and he mentioned a few others obviously who had posted on that particular thread....he is using your names and ask so and so(Namely Pat)about this and that...I would say this is slander and If I were you guys Id get together and do something about this punk who is using peoples names like this.....I don't think this kind of thing should be Tolerated on these forums or anyone else....people from the LPF will back me up with what I'm saying here....I have also told Spec about him trying to sell laserscopes with no Variance but the LPF guys will back me on the use of other peoples names also on there chat.

    I don't like brining up things like this but I thought if my name was being used with tripe like this I'd personally go and punch his lights out for him.

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    Laser Warning

    Don't be making up bullshit lies again. I don't have any laserscopes available to SELL to you, and would never sell you the 2 I currently have because they are in best shape as can be. And you were never talking to me about argons, 488nm is a cyan color, which is also in the blue spectrum, so I don't see what your trying to get at there. As for the 60w ceramic cavity (yes 60w is a guess because i have no power meter yet, working on it! I'm basing it off the beam splitter powermeter onboard the laserscope, which is the same as pretty much a synrad power wizard), almost all of the hot laserscopes NEED to put out min. 30w of power for their proceedures, or the computer would throw an error code, if you read sam's faq you would know this:

    ill quote it for you from 3 places in the FAQ:

    "All Z-folds are capable of putting out far more than what they are rated for. They should put out at least 30 W, and a decent one should do around 40 W. I have personally seen one that was really smoke'n - doing 55 or 56 W."

    "As a general rule of thumb, L-folds are capable of around 30 W max, maybe a small bit more if you get a good one. Z-folds are capable of as much as maybe 65 W, but to be realistic expect 40 W or so max."

    "The Laserscope is a frequency doubled Nd:YAG - 532 nm (green) quasi-CW at about 57 watts maximum average power (kick ass power, eh?)"

    Ask Pat how lower rep rates increase peak power & avg power of a laserscope, that is usually how the higher powers above 45w are achieved, by slowing down the rep rate, for more powerful pulses.

    Keep your LPF games out of PL, most of the people here are professional except for a few, like yourself, we wont go there, but look at yourself, who's the one using whos name to post lies? What a Hypocrite!


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    you bought 2 laserscopes and many more stuff, and you still haven't bought a powermeter? come on...

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    Laser Warning

    I'm actually going to try to get a Synrad Power Wizard 250W for now, bid on eBay for one just an hour ago, until I do enough shows after my acquire variances so it justifies to get a field master for $5k...

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    Prochopallen you were trying to tell me that your 2W argons are blue LOL.....Argons like a said are Coherant(mostly) and output green and blue lines like this 351 nm, 454.6 nm, 457.9 nm, 465.8 nm, 476.5 nm, 488.0 nm, 496.5 nm, 501.7 nm, 514.5 nm, 528.7 nm.
    Most of those clolours below green are very week so the beam looks cyan in colour because the other colours just add to the green...the same way RGB make up white and not Red-Blue and green separate......but I suppose you knew that hey or maybe you don't because you have "Special" mirrors that only make blue lasers@2W......just for your information prochopallen I have seen more Argons in my life than you have had birthdays!! must be joking if I would ever buy an Laserscope from you...I just gave you a good wind up there to see how much you knew.....apparently nothing!Tell us if you have sorted out your blanking yet.....isn't blanking supposed to be a safety feature or part of?Don't tell me your Scopes are in good shape.......

    Thirdly......don't cross your bullsh#t with Pat telling us that YOUR Scope can do 60W on any chat or anywere have just explained right now that yours can't....stuck your foot in your mouth ey?

    Prochopallen......I'm the very last person on this forum you wanna be arguing with....I'll iron you out like a puppy.....I live by truth in my life and I can spot Bull@#t when I see it or hear it....I see you still never said anything in reply about you being an international dj....must be cuz it's another bull@#t story off your lips.....and please don't try to argue with this again....I will smoke you for it....
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    Laser Warning

    For your information, and everyone else on this forum will tell you, a mechanical shutter is required for a laser with such high power, spring shut, magnetically open, cant rely on a galvo that can possibly fail...

    Talking about safety, get your shit straight first...

    And about single color from an argon, it is possible, if I was speaking with you about it, which I probably wasn't, I was talking about a tuning prism in the HR side... So STFU

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    ...Allen?? Is that really you??? I didn't recognize you, since there weren't enough "lolz" in your posts...

    So, how is the Variance app coming along? In-yet? Who was it, again, that you said you were getting the x-rental Certified Proj Acc #'s from? (...don't need a name, initials will suffice... yes, this is an 'ID-verification question'...)

    I have to warn you - the 'sleeping dragon' seems to be waking at CDRH - I am going thru a nightmare-approval ( I've never seen in 17 years, in-biz / probably close to a hundred Var approvals) right now, because one of the Officers, there, either a) has something to 'prove' to his superiors, or b) is purposely trying to *k with our Client, to see if, in fact, he 'knows what he is doing'...

    Point-is - if this is really, you, Allen - I'd *NOT* risk dicking-around any longer, and get filed, if you haven't already... all this 'buzz' over WL's 1W 'handheld' and the C*sios' etc, just-might have been what it took to 'wake' the Fed...

    ...Just a 'friendly fyi'....

    ..Oh yeah, I forgot
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Default is your MSN chat....I see you have a bad memory thats why you such a bad Liar cuz you can't even remember your own lies....not to mention making a mockery of peoples intelligence on this are a kretin!
    So don't change your story to save face with memory serves me very good in life....I can memorize 15-20 digit strings of numbers in around 30seconds flat when I'm drunk and recall them an hour later.,...after having drunk even what were you saying about Blue argons @ 2W full power? (cough splutter ggpeww....)

    Oh...about shutters lol just shows you know jack about anything....What about PCAOM modulators MVM, Crystal Tech, Neos....HUH? whats that? I hear coming from your side......?

    The more you carry on trying to argue with me the deeper in the mud I can put you and make you look even worse than you already look.....I'm holding one thing you said back also which is a complete mockery so rather shut your mouth now before it's too late.....the only way you can change the way people think about you in real life is to shut up and listen not open your mouth with vanity every time.....I don't hate you I just hate the way you act....can you change?I'm not sure because you never admit to what you said unless you can do this....admit it first then apologise to some of the people here....we have all read your thread(or some of it) so I'd say that's a good start don't you think?(Or do you)

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    I remember someone gave you there telephone number offering to take out the KTP for you to make it safe until such time you can do it him now and get it done before you loose ALL of your it and learn what people have to offer you in terms of help...just do it don't us all here that you want to learn something at least...before you know it your Laserscope could be up and running properly again with all of us you can do it and want to be helped before its too late on your side(never to do laser shows again)

    Take advice like a real man and Maybe you can earn a bit of respect from the people who actually make lasers ect....
    Take my advice as a third party and as someone who feels a little bit sorry for you...

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    Read this all before, dont want to read it again TBH.
    KVANT Australian projector sales

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