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Thread: Color blanace for whitelight..

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    Default Color blanace for whitelight..

    I've been looking around, and talking to a few people about this. I have found that the mystic projector from medialas uses this blanace:

    Blue: >90mW, Green: >80mW
    Red: >150mW

    They call it a 300mw projector, but it will run at about 350mw out of the box.

    Any one know where I can get 90mw of blue for a REASONABLE price. This guy I know has a complete, and reprocessed ALC-60XB w/ High Gain Optics, and about 20hrs on it, for 900. Not sure if I want it though..

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    Hey Jay... in today's market, if that's a known working tube with low hours,
    that's a really good price. With argon's you'll want to budget another grand
    for modulation though...

    I'm in the market myself for something that isn't 3-phase but, I'm holding
    out for a good price on one of those 473 BIBO blues...

    The color balance on the projector you listed seems too weighted toward
    green though.

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