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Thread: Wicked Lasers S3 Spyder Arctic

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    Default Wicked Lasers S3 Spyder Arctic

    WOW This looks very dangerous.

    That being said, They are getting pretty good beam specs on this? Anyone know how
    1.5mrad and 1.5mm Beam is what they are saying?

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    They Lie


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    Quote Originally Posted by KGB View Post
    They Lie

    That is the general consensus... I hope they can live up to those specs; be nice to copy their efforts on the 635 reds.
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    Has anyone physically seen one yet?

    They were suppose to ship out weeks ago I though.

    I'm assuming not cuz there not all over on videos and pics of kids doing stupid Sh$t with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattatya View Post
    Has anyone physically seen one yet?

    They were suppose to ship out weeks ago I though.

    I'm assuming not cuz there not all over on videos and pics of kids doing stupid Sh$t with them.
    There is a picture of their hand assembly and adjustment line on LPF, and even if they had 3 shifts going, it looks like a long lead time item.

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    No one has received one yet as of this Post...
    The Pics on WL's Facebook a few days ago with headings of
    Arctic Assembly line are a pathetic... 1 person in a small room
    alone playing with a few Arctics and another Photo of a total
    of 13 Arctics...

    [EDIT] the new Pics showing an actual multi person assembly
    line look more like it...
    Too bad they couldn't have taken the photos more than a month
    ago when they were In Stock rather than on July 23 2010...
    BS on top of BS...IMO

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    The last I heard from them was that the reason for the delay to the "15th" was not because of the addition of the "smart switch" but because they were having the lasers built by a contract manufacturer. It was right after they announced that they would sell the Arctics without the "smart switch" to qualified customers. Around the 15th they announced the G1 and G2 models.

    Anyway, that explains why they can do nothing but go silent now. They probably have nothing to say. I hope they get ripped off by the CM. That's common enough to make me feel optimistic when wishing for it. I really hate the business model that allows the scamming of people's money to get things into production. It's unethical and immoral.

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    Even worse is that, thanks to some financial jiggery pokery, some customers who paid by Credit Card thinking they had protection are not able to claim anything back despite WL not supplying any goods.

    It's a right ClusterFuck.

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    And of course, LPF is a full supporter of Wicked Lasers by advertising their products.

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    Yeah, yeah... we know about you and LPF.. let's not bring that whole drama fest over here now, ok? Let it go Bob... gooosfrabaaaa... goooosfrabaaa...

    For the record, just because a website (ANY website) has banner ads on it DOES NOT mean that the site itself condones or supports the entity that payed for the ad. You're a smart guy Bob, surely you know how advertising works.

    Personally, I have no doubt at all that Wicked's own ridiculously bad business sense will be their undoing. Just give it time.

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