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Thread: Anodised aluminum projector case?

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    Default Anodised aluminum projector case?

    I have made contact with a manu that makes some nice cabinets in steel and alu. They offer any size....custom holes...vents...whatever at a modest cost. I will post as I get a reply for a price estimate for a 16"w x14"d x8"h cabinet with vent holes on one side with aperture exit hole....and a couple on the front panel for a DB-25 and power input, swith /key assemblies. The casing is pre bent .090" ally with a .125" faceplate. There is also a partition available to fit all cases. Currently offering only black anodise and anodine finishing. If there is enough intrest...maybe a GB ?? Price estimated somewhere @ $200 each. They are finished inside and out with 6-32 press nuts and hardware included. Pictures and more info as I get it. I can't make them that cheap....made in US also.
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    keep me in mind i have that new set up on a base plate
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