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Thread: Running the XJ-A140 With Missing Diodes

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    Would be possible to bypass the control buttons of the case?
    i will try to bypass the diodes banks, and let the red phatlight on... btw i would like to bypass de controls of top case, but i can't figure out how... a lot of pics of the methods used don't exist anymore(by OzOnE Member), whatever it leads if theres anyone who had tried, i would appreciate, and thankfully for some help.
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    and i could sell all diodes with more or less 200hours of use...if anyone is interested just sent me a msg, i would post then on ebay ...

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    Is the mod same on the XJ-M140 or is the pinout different? At this moment just need to get projector running without the laser module.

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    Default question

    Quote Originally Posted by XDev View Post
    Did you get this result (3 red leds) before you pressed Power button?
    May be after watching my video it will be easier to do for you
    Is this safe?
    Do you have another video?

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