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Thread: help with broken key interlock for Neo-Laser NLP1500LDRGB

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    Question help with broken key interlock for Neo-Laser NLP1500LDRGB

    hi everyone
    sadly i was at a small gig last night and during putting my Neo-Laser NLP1500LDRGB away the key in the interlock snapped off in the off position. part of the key is stuck inside the key switch and i was the only key i have been looking around but can't find one made for lasers so would something like this be ok
    many thanks
    best regards

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    Sure, that would be fine to use. As long as the key cannot be removed while the laser is on you are strait.

    This is what I use...

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    Im sure this will do though these are quite small and flimsey
    I could suggest a webshop where you can buy a much more substantial keyswitch - but that would be a blatant and shameless plug - plus mine are quite a bit dearer

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