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Thread: Ebay INSANITY or How to get hosed.

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    Default Ebay INSANITY or How to get hosed.

    So, every now and then I look through ebay laser offerings. (Who am I kidding, its every day, sometimes twice a day when I *feel* there may be a good deal hidden somewhere)

    I run across things like this and feel an absolute need to share my thoughts:

    Wow... $550 for a cable a few years ago, thats insane. 21 wires(less depending on options). For a trip to homedepot with $30 for wire, two $20 amphenol connectors and $5 in wrapping, Why not build it yourself? Save some serious money.

    Maybe he believed there was some "magic" in these components that can only be performed when the moon was in phase with ALC's check register...

    If I run across any more *deals* like this on ebay I will post them here, also, if you find any *neat* ones, do the same!

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    Found another:

    Please notice that "water jacket" should be replaced with "brewster stem and $5000 reprocessing job to clean the system and pump it down.

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    Heres another "neat" one.

    Its not a yag housing, its a 60x chassis.

    I have three here I will give you for the price of shipping. Good luck finding 6mm yag optics also as thats the only size mirror that will fit in the end housing.

    Pure genius.

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    Same seller as above.

    Wow! Just needs regassing? Thats not something you can do like he states with "a vas pump off ebay"

    You will need reagent grade argon, a clean room, sealed positive pressure argon box, a turbo molecular pump, a .1 torr gastless/oil-less vac, about $5000 in hoses/valves/guages, and while your at it pick up the HV electrolitic crimper and helium leak detector.

    Then, yea, you MIGHT get it to work for about 10 hours.

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    If by " high speed laser scanner" you mean "3kpps high inertial load galvanometric system used primarially for static beam delivery" Then yes.

    What a joke.

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    Yea... Portable... Like trying to hide a country behind your back. I dont concider 300 pounds of power supplies, batteries and an inverter to be very "tiny".

    If its pusling its probably the tube nearing death or the power supply is having a heart attack.

    Either way: I'll pass.

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