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Thread: Can any one tell me if these are good specs please

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    Default Can any one tell me if these are good specs please

    Hi, can anyone help please i am thinking of purchasing this module are these specs good?

    Specifications: GXP-500 GXP-800 GXP-1000 Output Power: 0.5W 0.8mW 1W Wavelength: 532nm Beam Diameter (1/e2): ~2mm Beam Divergence: <1.5mrad Beam Quality (M2): <2 Cooling Means: Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) Dimensions (Head): 130 x 77 x 60mm Dimensions (PSU): 245 x 152 x 113mm Expected Lifetime: >8,000hrs Frequency: 1-10kHz (Optional up to 50kHz) Linewidth: <0.1nm Operating Current: <2A Operating Temperature: 10-35oC Operating Voltage: 110VAC, 50~60Hz Output Mode: CW or Modulation (TTL) Pointing Drift: <0.05mrad per hour Stability: +/-2% @ 4hrs Transverse Mode: TEMoo Warm-up time: <10mins

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    Default Sorry it is for a 1 w gxp 1000

    Sorry it is for a 1 w 1000 gxp 1000

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