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Thread: Image size????

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    Default Image size????

    :?: If the display of images are larger than they need be........lets say WAY TOO BIG......can the size trimmer pot be turned down without having to adjust the gain and damping also? This is in reference to the scanning set from It is the 9024 units. :? We would like to project images of 3 meters in size at a range of 8 or 10 meters away from scan head. Just want to be sure as not to overdrive anything as this is all new equipment. Just turning it down seems like then it would have too much gain and possibly oscillate the scanner heads.....not good! Would love a spot of help here.....
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    Simple answer: YES

    Of course if you're not planning on scanning any larger, then once you
    turn it down, you can usually retune your system for even higher speeds...

    Basically you can always turn your size DOWN and not worry too much
    about retuning since the dampening, phase, etc represents relative values.

    If you turn it UP past where you're at currently, then you will most likely want
    to retune to extract maximum performace. After retuning, you should be
    able to go back down and up without having to worry.

    General rule, tune at the widest scanangle you expect to use and then
    you can run them at any angle smaller than that without worry.

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