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Thread: lds pro help please

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    Default lds pro help please

    hi i am looking for a little help with lds pro
    sorry drlava i dont want to keep hasseling you all the time

    1, how do you import ild frames and keep the colours, every time i do it it comes out with all frames white ??

    2, if i was to draw a circle in pic edit , how would i make it as a circle divided up into
    rgb sections with white dots seperating each section ,same applys to anything else i draw ??


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    It's OK, there are only a few regulars that know the answers on this particular forum.

    1) when you import ilda frames, it makes a difference whether it is a format 4 or 5 frame (RGB) or 0 or 1 frame (palletted). When you import a RGB frame, select yes when it asks you if you want to save the cat file in RGB format, then in the trickfilm options select the RGB checkbox.

    2) draw a circle with the ellipse tool, then select thirds of it with the selection tool (left-click-drag for box selection), select the color that you want, and click the paint roller to color the selected points. Right-click-drag for box point deselction. Then select two consecutive points, color black, duplicate the center point with the 'clone' tool a few times and color the duplicated points white.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Another option is to just draw it in inscape and convert it in ILD SOS.

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