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Thread: Stuttering lasers, there may be a cure.

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    Default Stuttering lasers, there may be a cure.

    Got Windows latency issues?

    Here is a way to find out

    Found on a real time control thread in another forum Far, Far, Away!

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    a lot of windows latency issues for our purposes can be caused by shitty sound cards/sound card drivers... crap network cards, horrible discrete video etc... also possible but less common are things like chipsets, memory timing, ATA/SATA controller things like that

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    Default i had that problem

    i too had that problem untill i just happened to plug the dac into a different usb port
    then it went away, tested other ports on my laptop and only one works my dac properly

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    That sounds about right, only one port on my laptop is 'properly' powered, so if your DAC gets its power from the usb buss, it may not getting properly powered from the lower rated of the 2. Check your machine specs and see if thats the case. I think they do it as mice and other common peripherals don't really need that much power

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